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Enters chest on right with aorta at T12, crosses to left at T4, then joins left subclavian at junction with IJV. Alterations in Neurologic Function. L4 root compresson – quadriceps, week knee jerk What are the effects of L4-L5 disc herniation? Cholecystectomy adequate if confined kliler mucosa. If malignant, take whole parotid.

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Clindamycin What are the risks of a blood transfusion? Torus bony exostosis, midline of palate Erythroplakia is worse pre-malignant than leukoplakia. What type of cancer is increased? Deep forearm flexor compartment syndrome, need fasciotomy. Modified spares some combination of those structures CN XI is most morbid.

Good activity against Candida.

Natural killer cells What is the source of histamine in blood? Increase in end-tidal CO2 What is the treatment for malignant hyperthermia Dantrolene What is the first muscle to recover from paralytics? Anorexia, glycolysis, and lipolysis What is batson’s plexus, and what is it’s significance?

ABSITE Killer Plus

Superior from 4th pharngeal pouch, inferior from 3rd; both absige blood supply from inferior thyroid artery. Sistrunk procedure – en bloc excision of cyst midline with hyoid bone there is a risk of malignant degeneration of thyroid tissue in cyst. Poor Px Paget’s disease of the breast: Diaphragm What is the rate-limiting step in cholesterol formation? Decreased platelet aggregation, vasodilatation, bronchial relaxation What are the effects of thromboxane?


See signet cells on path Meig’s syndrome: Ib receptor deficiency of platelets. FNA What are the limitations of treatment of thyroid cancer during pregnancy? RNA polymerase inhibitor Which antibiotic can affect platelets? Found only in the adrenal medulla Pheochromocytoma: Rx with topical Calcium Carbon monoxide falsely elevates the O2Sat reading: Medullary thyroid cancer What gene is associated with medullary thyroid cancer?

Papillary thyroid cancer What is the most common type of thyroid cancer? Thalassemia What is the most common cause of hypercalcemic crisis?

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Begins day 3, max at day 21, then constant amount but more crosslinking, strength What is the order of cells to a healing wound? Hypotension What is the optimal treatment for bleeding gastric varices in chronic pancreatitis? Embolize internal maxillary arterythen extirpate. ATN What are the zones of the neck? Valveless vertebral veins that connect to internal vertebral venous plexus They allow direct mets to the spine.

Decreased adherence of exposed collagen.

Reduction in thyroid pluz levels after a large ingestion of iodine – useful in thyroid storm What is the main limitation of FNA in a solitary thyroid nodule? Levator ani What is primary, secondary, and tertiary peristalsis? Bitemporal hemianopsia – vision missing in outer half of both right and left visual fields What is the 1 pituitary adenoma?


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Take to OR if necrosis Claudication: Progressive proliferative of palmar fascia causing flexion contracture of fingers of hand, unknown exact cause trauma, DM, EtOH, epilepsy Treatment with steroids, physical therapy, but may need fasciotomy. Intra- and Extrahepatic cysts Caroli’s disease. What does manometry showing increased LES pressure, incomplete relaxation, and no peristalsis suggest?

Which antibiotics are bacteriocidal, with irreversible binding to 30S ribosome subunit, and resistance due to decreased active transport? Dopamine receptor blocker – Increases LES tone and gastric motility What is the mechanism of digoxin?

Approach via left cervical incision Paraesophageal hernia: Kkller internal maxillary pousthen extirpate What is a replaced right or left hepatic artery? Do not resect pancreas. Erythroplakia What is the general treatment for different stages of head and neck SCCa? Kasi procedure – hepatoportoenterostomy – before age 3 months What is the 1 cause of painless GIB in children?

Triad of dysphagia due to esophageal websglossitis, and iron deficiency anemia. DVT and Endometrial cancer Ret proto-oncogene is diagnostic for what?