A more advanced follow up program for graduates of Bootyful Beginnings. The most significant difference vs. Bootyful Beginnings is that the rep. Hi Ladies, I started Bret Contreras’ bootyful beginnings program after being recommended a few times on here. As I’m sure quite a few of you. A collection of workouts created by Samantha R. in Workout Trainer for the iPad, iPhone, and Android.

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A small complaint, I know, bfginnings I’d rather hump the air more privately in a body-weight area rather than near the weight machines. It’s all been really helpful but there definitely seems to be a few different opinions.

Originally Posted by chamelious. The moderators also do private form checks should you feel uncomfortable about posting a public video. I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing.

I sometimes do banded hip thrusts at home, before heading over to the gym which is a 5 min walk away. In the Strong Curves book he says that it isn’t always possible or realistic to superset in crowded gyms so performing straight sets with rests in between is fine.

My instinctive response to all of these questions is to do what feels right add weight, do them separately, do them out of orderbut I’ve also found that I’m unintuitive when it comes to fitness, so I’d love some advice. But you never know obotyful you try it, the way you suggested might work for you just fine. If you do the supersets, he recommends resting min between paired exercises.


One month of bootyful beginnings progress

The last time I strictly followed a program I saw progress so quickly in my upper body but bootyvul seems a bit slower this time. Have a question or suggestion about possible changes to the subreddit? Lower body movements, it depends on what they are.

Websites, apps, blogs, recipes, etc. Be respectful of others on the subreddit, and please report comments that violate the rules for review. As long as you’re hitting the same muscle groups the programmed exercise hits you should be fine. This could work but I’d still be moving from one part of the gym to the other and it’s likely whatever equipment I’m using will be taken by the time I get round to my 2nd set of the first exercise.

I would rest a minute between supersets, i. MeandYou 10 months ago Anyone done These?

Bootyful Beginnings

Tweaks will need to happen sometimes. You can find the programs online for free in PDF. I’d like to receive news and offers via e-mail. Submit a new text post.

I feel like my bum starts quite high up on my back so not sure if that may be some of the issue? I think the supersets and short rests are mostly to maintain activation and add a bit of calorie burn to the workout. Alternating sets would save some time too and might actually improve your strength. Instead I would do all of the glute marches, do the upper body supersets, and then do all of the squats. Am I right in thinking it is the same as super setting but you just take a break in between.


Last edited by BrotherWolf; at About Advertise Cookie Policy Terms. Lots of you tube videos to demonstrate. You can swap an exercise for a different exercise and there’s a great list in the exercise index.

Yep, bootyful beginnings and the Bodyweight one. I’d probably not superset barbell squats with another lower body movement.

Bootyful Beginnings 2 weeks – Album on Imgur

I don’t actually have the book, I’ve nootyful been following the program. How necessary is that? Should I exercise while sore, sick or on my period?

I totally agree with you in regards to the super sets though – I really enjoy working my arms, shoulders and back but I find if I go from one exercise to the other without a break, that I’m really struggling with the second exercise.

But sure, you can do the hip thrusts in bodyweight area to start with, why not. Want to add to the discussion? The workouts from what I recall were relatively short when supersetting as written I want to say 45 mins or so and straight setting them bumped them out to about 55 minutes for me.

Can someone give me a simple explanation of why super sets are so beneficial?