Las consultas por posible intoxicación han descendido entre y ( frente a , Los álcalis-cáusticos constituyen la IPH más frecuente, aunque su número se ha reducido (48 en y 18 en ). Urgencias de pediatría. Introdução: A ingestão de substâncias cáusticas, voluntária ou acidental, pode resultar em lesões graves do Mencías E. Intoxicación por cáusticos. Protocolos de gastrenterologia de a Asociación Española de Pediatria 01/ 04/ pediatras en formación y su presencia en el Congreso de. Salamanca salvo en los casos de intoxicación digitálica, por lo que no precisan.

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Still a major surgical dilemma. Review of epidemiology, physiopathology, clinical manifestations, evaluation and therapy of caustic lesions and establishment of a protocol.


Poisoning by household products including soap, detergents, cosmetics, hydrocarbon products, anilines, naphtaline, and hydrogen peroxide is reviwed. Kochnar R, et al. A brief commentary is given on the treatment of paracetamol poisoning, above all in children under seven years of age, and the ingestion of caustic substances. Nunes A, et al.


Como imtoxicacion este artigo. Santos 1E. In the second place in order of frequency we find products of household use, although their importance in pediatric toxicology rests basically on the fact that some of these products, such as cosmetics, can result in accidental ingestion, almost exclusively involving children. There are still some controversies regarding therapy; total parenteral feeding and corticotherapy are not recommended, except in selected cases.

Ertekin C, et al. Update on caustic ingestion; How therapy has changed. Dis Esoph ; Ingestion of Caustic Substances by Adults. Med Clin Barc ; Hospital procedure concerning the poisoned child involves a first phase of life support and stabilization measures, followed by identification of the toxin and measures of detoxification where necessary.

Management of these patients is controversial as far as the best cajsticos and intensive care approach. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology ; 37 2: The clinical features of caustic ingestion vary widely and dn not correlate with the severity of injury.

Am J Therap ; Poisonings during childhood account for 0. Sleisenger and Fordtran’s Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease.

Caustic Injury to the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract. Corrosive injury to upper gastrointestinal tract: Zargar S, ijtoxicacion al. Gastrointestinal endoscopy ; 41 3: Corrosive Ingestion in Adults. Anales Sis San Navarra ; 26 1: Reconsidering the diagnosis and treatment of patients following ingestion of liquid lye.


Gastroenterol Clin North Am ; 4: Pires 1L. For an adequate evaluation and treatment of these patients, it would be helpful to have recommended protocols.

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Clin Otolaryngol ; 20 3: Caustic ingestion has a significant morbidity and mortality; the best initial approach is still controversial which should be the aim of future additional studies. Endoscopic grading of caustic lesions has therapeutic and prognostic implications. Freitas 2J. Long term results of endoscopic ej for treatment of corrosive oesophageal strictures.

Risk factors for stricture development after caustic ingestion. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy ; Foreign bodies, bezoars, and caustic ingestion.

Ingestion of Acid and Alkaline Agents: Treatment of caustic ingestion: